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if You want to learn Real Italian traditional Witchcraft
You are in the Right Place!

Why? It’s Really Simple!

You must understand that 99,99% of US People that claim to be descendant of italian witches, they are instead Italo american descendant that shout big claims, and use some pseudo greek traditions, mixed with Leland and Gardner Theories, adorned with they natals!

And Why Real Italian witchcraft have nothing to do with this ?

You must Say that, Real Traditional witchcraft, practiced in the Italian countryside, is more similar to Santeria, with a mixed of Etruscan and catholic traditions.

Instead of wicca or neo pagan wheel of the year in italy witchcraft, we use original catholic festivities… the same that FreeMason use in they magick and esoteric Cerimonials…

…And why can I say this with such confidence ?

“I am not “the classic forum witch” who received the call at age 13 and has a lineage of 13 generations of witches…”

I was simply born raised in rural Italy where until the late 1990s it was “normal” to have to deal with this kind of thing…. all grandmothers handed down this “knowledge “to their little grandchildren….

Today with my Italian website I am the reference point in Europe for the teaching of witchcraft and esotericism, and I decided to share my traditions and knowledge with the new world!

What is and WHO Is "Templum Dianae" ?

the publishing project of Templum Dianae, is the Training project in Europe, which has been online for more than 10 years, training tens of thousands of Students every month on the subjects that make up topics such as esotericism, holism, spirituality and personal well-being!

Digital Training makes use of various tools such as the publication of new unpublished manuals, the publication of digital books, audiobooks and Video Pathways on Demand, not to mention the many articles available on our website!

the Pathways in Holistic Themes
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our pathways on holism touch on a variety of topics, both from the basic training of new holistic practitioners, to going into detail in the more advanced training of each individual practitioner and from different areas, such as counseling, physical subjects, or subjects involving natural wellness!

the Esoteric Theme Pathways

our pathways on the subjects of esotericism, deal with both “basic” training of new esoteric and holistic practitioners, to more advanced training, such as Marketing techniques for holistic and esoteric practitioners and much more!

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