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Meet the Founder

Giovanni da Rupecisa

Giovanni da Rupecisa is the Founder of Templum Dianae and one of the most revered Holistic advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world.

Rupecisa has taught his Templum Dianae to over 2 million people around the world,For +10 consecutive years!
Templum Dianae has also:
  • ​Delivered over 25,000 students every month
  • Authored +47 different best-selling books, in more than 5 languages and +3 continets
  • Intervened in + 2000 classes last year!
Founded in 2013

the Story About Templum Dianae

Templum Dianae was born out of necessity. No reliable sources could be found that worked and were really effective.
Everyone was still stuck in “traditional” and outdated systems with poor or substandard results.

It wasn’t until we disrupted the holistic industry with Direct Response Wellness that we began to see amazing results. Not only for ourselves, but also for our clients and students. Since then we have been able to impact millions of lives:

exploding in the world

A New Era for Templum Dianae

In 2021, we began to think it was time that in addition to our European students, other people could come in and build Templum Dianae’s online community

After decades of daily commitment and dedication to our community of extraordinary students and entrepreneurs, we were very selective about who could enjoy our knowledge

Communications with the Anglo-Saxon world did not take long before we realized that this was a perfect arrangement.

In 2023 we agreed on terms and Templum Dianae began to expand around the world like wildfire!
We could not be more excited about all that is in store for this extraordinary community.




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