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Suit of Pentacles Meaning

the Complete Guide

what are Pentacles or Coins in Tarot Reading

The denarius suit is strongly associated with the physical sphere and material reality and at the same time is linked to the ‘element of earth. Materialism strongly influences the interpretation of these cards, and among the suits it is considered to be the one least related to the person himself. Usually its cards are associated with abundance, generosity and balance, and the most popular colors are green, gold and brown. Another peculiarity of this suit is that a pentacle can often be observed on each coin. The sequence of cards seems to be intended to represent the gains that actions could bring us and the losses due to mistakes.

tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana
tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana
chapter 1

Meaning of Suit of Pentacles

The seed of Pentacles, also called Coins, exerts its influence on riches the power of money, economic and social security. The Coin seed is connected with the primary element of Earth, the Mother who, together with ‘Gold, sustains human beings with its precious fruits. The incidence of the primary element of Earth on the seed of Denarii, charges the symbolic power of each of the figures, which take on a particular realism.

The predictive and divinatory power of the “Denarii” figures, is reinforced by the corresponding symbolic value. To the pentacles suit corresponds the primary element of Earth which, will convey its symbolic value to the cards of the entire suit and, in particular, to the four figures.
Experts in the divinatory arts maintain that the incidence of the primary element of Earth on the Denarius suit, enhances and loads the symbolic meaning of each of the figures, coating them in particular with a latent realism. In general, the seed of Pentacles, exerts its influence on wealth, business transactions, money power, economic security and social welfare. From a symbolic point of view, gold, which remains the basis of the concept “Money,” is associated with the bowels of Mother Earth, and is considered to be the metal that is most capable of providing human beings with the support they need to cope with their destiny. Gold is the precious metal depicted by a disc, or a shining pentacle, symbolizing the expression of will and the transformation of spiritual activity into matter

The seat of deniers in the tarot immediately refers to woman in that they are round in relation to shape. It is the seed Earth.

Money represents the merchant class and all those who circulate a large amount of money. Earth is represented with a triangle, pointing downward and crossed with a horizontal line. The seed representing the earth, depicts everything concrete, stable. As mentioned earlier, concerning the female gender, it also symbolizes fertilization.

Deniers corresponds to the Hebrew letter HEH (completion of energy and form), autumn, the magic circle, esoteric imperative and tenacity. Extra denarii refers to gifts, winnings, beauty and sensuality and novelty. Conversely, it indicates selfishness, avarice, vanity, superficiality and excess.

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chapter 2

Meaning of the Pentacles Cards

Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus

– Ace of Pentacles –
In this card , where the yellow color of gold predominates, a large circle is depicted that contains other concentric circles, within which we see a figure that is usually a bust, with a laurel wreath on its head. There are also many ornamental elements that symbolize abundance and prosperity. The card has a strong ambiguous valence and very often foretells difficult situations to the consultant.

ace of pentacles

– Two of Pentacles –
This Minor Arcanum is represented with two symmetrical and regular circles. The distance between the centers of the two circles, in the opinion of cartomancy experts, stands for the need for perfectionism and the achievement of intentions and projects of various kinds. The solidity of the Earth element associated with the denarius suit is tempered by the changing nature of the number 2. An alternate phase is coming, in which it is necessary to keep the different parts of one’s life in harmonious balance. You need to organize situations well, otherwise you risk going through times of precariousness and instability, both in general and specifically in a financial sense.

2 of pentacles

– Three of Pentacles –
The card depicts three circles similar to the previous ones, arranged in such a way as to ideally symbolize the various aspects of life, which can be connected with each other. It is time to build and lay the foundation for the future, particularly in the area of work and finances. The skills and expertise for the realization of one’s plans are present. It will be necessary to focus on collaboration and association, conducted with intelligence, selflessness, honesty and good business acumen. In the sentimental sphere, the three of coins indicates the overcoming of difficulties or a crisis in a relationship.

3 of pentacles

– Four of Pentacles –
Most Tarot scholars, agree in emphasizing the symmetrical arrangement of the four elements, or circles, that appear on this card. Its symbolism is associated with the constant search for balance and moderation. The 4, the number of stability, intersecting with that of money, gives rise to an extremely stable combination with regard to the home and finances. Attention should be paid to the economic aspect of each activity and try to maximize its yield, in this way the fruits of already mature work can be reaped before undertaking new ones. This card also advises, to have a concrete and pragmatic attitude, because excess firmness and rigor, can turn into stubbornness and lack of consideration for the needs of others.

4 of pentacles

– Five of Pentacles –
According to fortune-telling scholars, in the graphic representation of this card, the central circle that is equidistant from the other four peripheral circles is associated with the idea of diversity within an ordered system. A card of movement, attraction, courage, it reverses previous negative situations and creates good conditions for the future. The Five of Coins is a positive card for practical people. The problems represented by this card, however, are warnings in not letting things get you down, a warning to correct what is necessary and pay attention to expenses.

5 of pentacles

– Six of Pentacles –
If the card belongs to a classic Tarot deck, it will have three pairs of perfectly symmetrical and equidistant circles. Within the six circles, we see a drawing of a bust or face in profile. On a symbolic level, the Six expresses a precarious balance, an imperfection that implies alternation, mutation, instability related to opposing events and situations. It is a static but fluid card; evil and good come into conflict over the good or bad use of luck. Indeed, the key to wealth lies in generously circulating what we have, while at the same time being ready to receive what the Universe sends us. Very sensitive to the influences of neighboring blades, which determine its positivity or negativity, the Six of Coins never takes a definite position, either positively or negatively. The outlook appears modest, but sufficient for daily needs.

6 of pentacles

– Seven of Pentacles –
The card depicts seven circles distributed in two groups, one of three and one of four. The ternary relates to the idea of spiritual and mystical activity, while the quaternary relates to the organization of matter. Like all Minor Arcana, this card is strongly related to its neighboring cards and thus has at least two interpretations: the result we wished to achieve is poor, or it is satisfactory, but we wanted something more. In general, this card represents material progress and economic prosperity but, at the same time, also the possible risks from that may result. The 7 of Coins suggests looking on the bright side of the situation and possibly renewing efforts, but from a disinterested perspective.

7 of pentacles

– Eight of Pentacles –
The predictive value of this card, refers to immediate reality, indicates the prevalence of matter over concept, of reality over ‘idea. It is a card of substantial balance, it highlights the results achieved in one’s work, shows the most appropriate answer and solution to any issue, the dynamism and mobility of situations. This Minor Arcanum teaches us that the way to reach a goal is regular, continuous, precise work.

8 of pentacles

– Nine of Pentacles –
The Nine of Coins card consists of four pairs of equidistant and symmetrical circles, plus another asymmetrical circle: the latter is considered the most important element of this Minor Arcana and is a symbol of freedom, individuality and originality. This card represents established wealth, not necessarily gained through one’s own efforts, but which may also have been received in the form of inheritance, unexpected winnings, or sudden fortunate instances. It is an auspicious card in the economic sector, revealing one’s own and one’s family’s social status, along with a certain self-confidence.

9 of pentacles

– Ten of Pentacles –
In the card we see ten circles divided into two groups of five; the emblematic number of the Ten of Coins is precisely five: a magical number, a symbol of harmony, union and representation of the five forms of sensible matter. In a symbolic sense, the road to material success that this card indicates is built over time through the interweaving of bonds with like-minded people. In addition to material prosperity, there is thus an abundance of shared affection and values. It is the achievement of stability, material and psychological security.

10 of pentacles

The Court Cards

– page of Pentacles –
The distinguishing feature of the Knave card, is the predominance of the color yellow, which represents the radiance and light of the symbol of the suit to which this figure belongs. The real protagonist of this card is in fact the emblem of gold that the Knave holds in his hand. The card depicts a young man with a simple, down-to-earth attitude who, step by step, learns what he needs to grow, with perseverance and humility. He proceeds slowly but steadily, and this is his strength.

page of pentacles

– Knight of Pentacles –
The Knight card, or the Knight of Denarii, depicts a young man quietly riding his horse. At the height of the knave’s face, above the animal’s head, appears the circular pattern of gold that acts as a guide for the horse and rider. From an esoteric point of view, this representation indicates the existence of the spiritual sphere. The rider rests his foot in a stirrup, a symbol of concrete reality and of all that is earthly, necessary and related to the material plane. the Denarius Horse thus indicates that it is not possible to reach the plane of the spirit if one ignores the material one and vice versa. Overall then, the card represents the duality between reality and transcendence, it is always a fast card, of transformation: this Knight is able to apply himself to a project, to an ideal, carrying it forward with strength and determination until its fulfillment.

knight of pentacles

– Queen of Pentacles –
The Queen of Denarius seed derives her power from the Earth element. Wherever she is, there is prosperity and abundance; she is the King’s female counterpart, intelligent, skillful, influential and confident: a woman capable of stewardship but, at the same time, whimsical, passionate, jealous. The crown she wears, indicates the strength and universality of moral convictions, while the gold resting on both hands, indicates the absolute supremacy of material goods.

queen of pentacles

– King of Pentacles –
We are confronted with the strength of reason, the importance of duty: this man no longer young, wise, mature and courageous, highlights intelligence, genius, foresight, spirituality. His strength does not come to him from knowledge, nor from courage, nor from ‘action: the King of Denarius bases his certainties only on wealth accumulated over time. He symbolizes earthly power, the dominion of things, without the pretense of looking to the spirit. The sobriety of the throne on which he is seated represents the need to set aside the superfluous in order to seek the essential, whose validity does not change over time.

king of pentacles

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of pentacles and their Esoteric significance.

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