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suit of wands

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Suit of wands Meaning

the Complete Guide

what are wands or Clubs in Tarot Reading

The suit of wands or clubs is linked to the element of fire and is often associated with energy, spirituality and creativity. These are cards whose interpretation is strongly linked to a person’s spirit, and to the personalities of the subjects of a reading. Symbolically, the staffs are depicted as wooden rods or stirrups, sometimes as actual tree twigs. Some scholars link the meaning of the seed of the sticks to potentialities to be expressed.

tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana
tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana
chapter 1

Meaning of Suit of wands

Wands are associated with Fire, with instinct, representing primary energy, the life impulse. Wood is in fact the seed that originates life, the medium through which leaves and branches grow and blossom. Wood fuels the fire that heats, ignites, blazes, like a passion that animates or burns life. Sticks are a seed that conveys strength and action; they can be defense or attack; they are energetic cards that convey the idea of action, but of strenuous action, and can therefore refer to demanding tasks and work. The Wands also recall the magic wand, which is also a reference to invention and discovery; they recall the idea of the axis of the world, the connection between earth (the roots) and sky (the rising foliage ). They are the cards of “doing,” of movement and action and,like the Swords, they also recall masculine virile power: they are phallic symbols that recall, as an interpretive meaning, all that is masculine and paternal. In a drafting in which the Swords cards were prominent, it is thought with knowledge that the consulter is seeking solutions to problems of an intellectual nature, drawing on what is his mental, cultural and psychological depth.

The seed of sticks in the tarot is connected to the element of fire. Fire is represented with a triangle with the tip pointing upward, which, symbolizes rebirth; as fire is the sun on earth, so it symbolizes rebirth.

Sticks are related to the Hebrew letter YOD (primal energy), corresponds to hot and dry summer, the social class of workers, and the esoteric imperative of duty. Indicates active brown people.

Indicates symbol of initiative, progress and development. Reading sticks indicate potentiality, ambition and success; conversely it depicts tiredness, confusion and agitation.

minor arcana tarot reading relaxing session with a cup of thea

chapter 2

Meaning of the wands Cards

Planets: Sun, Jupiter and Mars.

Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

– Ace of Wands –
A phallic symbol par excellence, the Ace of Wands indicates birth, the ‘beginning, somewhat on all planes, but particularly on the professional one. It is a purely cerebral card referring to the world of thoughts and studies; it is a symbol of the spirit of enterprise, of intellectual creations, of a sphere from which feelings are excluded. It also heralds unhoped-for gain, an inheritance, a decisive experience in which intelligence will be the principal agent. It is the fulfillment of the will that produces gains, new ideas, power.

ace of wands

– Two of Wands –
This card represents the consultant’s thinking, his projects, his anxieties; it expresses a time of qualitative reflection and maturation. The main qualities to cultivate are self-discipline and constancy: only by having dominion over one’s own nature is it possible to come to dominate the outside world. The card expresses a critical position, not at all convinced, an event full of uncertainties. This arcane is influenced by the surrounding cards : negative or positive takes on its meaning.

2 of wands

– Three of Wands –
Positive card, but still fluid and dynamic, refers to the implementation of enlightening and constructive intelligence. It is an ‘excellent card for commerce, business, and any project involving travel or exchange of some kind. The card expresses togetherness, solidarity, being together, being bound by a solid and strong bond: it can be a sincere affection, a winning business, it always symbolizes success and complicity. Enlightening and constructive intelligence is manifested in the Wands as a time of great psychological well-being, desire for personal fulfillment with excellent chances of success.

3 of wands

– Four of Wands –
In analogy with the figure of the square that represents it, this card alludes to all that is solid and accomplished, but limited by its own rigidity. Grace, in this suit, is evidenced as a good realization of one’s possibilities, a very constructive and favorable moment in various fields. While remaining predominantly a positive arcane, the Four of Wands is a mirror of the cards it has next to it, takes on its meaning and has different divinations, depending on the subject .

4 of wands

– Five of Wands –
This card is about all things work, money, abundance, legacies and wealth. It represents a sudden good fortune, a particularly fortunate period: it is luxury, a comfortable life, a situation that is returning to financial improvement, the resolution of a dispute, an agreement reached. It takes determination and willpower to deal with the situation. Success is near, but it must be achieved through commitment and grit.

5 of wands

– Six of wands –
It is the card of the domestic hearth, of humble and precise daily work; it is always a sign of a peaceful family life. The six of Wands expresses everything pertaining to a harmonious family life; in love it indicates a serene, serious relationship, destined to bear fruit. There may be good prospects for improvement in every sphere, the chart in the context of a very active sign indicates stability and good disposition to improve old positions that have created some dissension in the past.

6 of wands

– Seven of Wands –
This is a decisive arcana, a sign of overcoming a serious obstacle; its symbolism has many similarities with that of the Chariot of Fortune; it expresses movement, abandonment of staticity and openness to the future. It indicates that peace is being worked toward or there is a need for agreement. It is the card that speaks of ‘Invention, good success in the most important undertakings, it attracts and favors work in which it is necessary to be skillful in dialectics.

7 of wands

– Eight of Wands –
It is a very strong card to the positive, in it is determined to the highest degree the organizational ability in the face of an important event coming up: in fact, it is an indication of something new that is about to enter our lives and that we must seize with speed and determination. The Eight of Wands is also the card of nature and country life, its presence therefore, ensures good harvests, tranquility, peace.

8 of wands

– Nine of Wands –
It is an arcana that indicates success achieved with some delay and only after a long course of work. The card signals a wait, a delay due to slight and surmountable contrarieties. There are negotiations that go on for a long time, the outcome will be positive, but only in the long run. The successes achieved have a solid foundation and there is no risk of them being challenged; the foundations laid are deep and represent security for your life, especially in the areas of work and health.

9 of wands

– Ten of Wands –
This is a very strong arcana, extremely favorable when straight, heavy and destructive when reversed. It is mostly about work and all related news: good investments, contracts, a new hire, good business, professional success. It is an open blade for renewal and mental growth, indicative of inclination toward new forms of existence and new experiences; it also signals enthusiasm, courage, sufficient energy to realize one’s desires.

10 of wands

The Court Cards

– page of Wands –
the card represents a young man with a reliable and gentle air: it is’ the symbol of adolescence, youth that must await maturation. Gifted with much initiative, capable in his studies, he always refers to a young, but extremely reliable person, a loyal friend, a collaborator who occupies a place of secondary importance, but can be of great help to the consultant. He has vigor and enthusiasm, is potentially very generous, expansive, and eager to involve others in his adventures. Like all jacks he needs to grow up and learn to master his nature, which tends to catch fire easily; his open and dynamic attitude suggests his inexperience, but also his goodness and helpfulness.

page of wands

– Knight of Wands –
The card depicts a knight on his steed, in his left hand he holds the symbol of his seed as if holding a weapon. The card may indicate a relocation, a departure of a child from the paternal home, a natural detachment, an evolution that is not sad, but necessary. It is always a fast card of transformation and sudden departure, positive with regard to the suit, but fluid with regard to the figure.

knight of wands

– Queen of Wands –
On the throne sits an independent, strong and capable woman, setting an example and helping others. She has good practical sense, is generous and inspired. Always positive, the Queen of Wands combines the gentleness of the mother figure with the dynamism of the seed, active and always projected toward work and success. She is a mature woman who is already accomplished and puts her experiences to good use for her family and others. She is sincere and always acts with great honor; she is the ideal bride, indicating friendship who gives herself to others with absolute sincerity.

queen of wands

– King of Wands –
The King of the seed of Wands derives his power from the Fire element, which he manages to dominate by enhancing its positive qualities and minimizing its negative ones. The figure of the King, always positive, authoritative but just, in the symbolism of the cards, intersecting with the equally positive suit of Wands, active, dynamic and passionate, gives rise to a good and honest character. A charismatic figure, he is generous and outgoing, and is inclined to action and to face problems with strength and courage. He uses his power very sparingly, having achieved an inner stability that allows him to curb excesses.

king of wands

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of wands and their Esoteric significance.

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