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page of Wands Description

A well-dressed young man boldly wields a staff on a barren land. His shirt has a pattern similar to that of a salamander, a symbol of transformation from evil to good. This young man is a passionate advocate, constantly spreading ideas of spiritual and social progress that uplift his fellow man. The desert in the background behind him is indicative of his element, fire, and also represents that he lives in a world that has not yet borne fruit. His ideas are therefore entirely hypothetical. However, should he decide to use them and embark on the journey of his habit, his purity of heart may lead him to find better fortunes.

chapter 1

page of Wands Meaning

page of wands from raider waite tarot cards deck
page of wands from raider waite tarot cards deck

When we see the Page of Wands, we see a young man with enormous excitement and curiosity about the world. He knows what to do, he has a passion for success, but because of his inexperience and perhaps some fear of the unknown, his ideas remain abstract. He identifies new worlds to explore, new opportunities that he could easily exploit, and he even has the overview needed to succeed. Even with all this, he has a tendency to remain idle or easily distracted with one idea after another. If he does not learn to control this tendency, it is possible that he will waste opportunities to get ahead.

When you get the Page of Wands, it simply means that there is something inside of you, something that urges you to make discoveries, engage in investments or take a step forward in life.

When you get the Page of Wands, it simply means that there is something inside of you, something that pushes you to make discoveries, to devote yourself to investments or to take a step forward in life. You may be about to embark on a certain idea, but some mixed messages keep coming to your mind and you become discouraged. This card represents your inner battles that keep you from expressing your heroism to the world, from letting the world know that you exist for a reason.

If you are wise enough, this card is normally a trigger for courage. It should get you past personal discouragements and boldly move forward to launch your ideas into the real world. Eliminate fear, gather your resources and do something about it. Let the world know that you are there and that you are not afraid to move forward on your chosen path. Overcome every obstacle, let your ideas shine and be known by the world, because this card indicates a level of success that can only be achieved when courage is used.

page of Wands Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

With the inverted Jack of Wands, it tends to emphasize the more negative character traits of the upright version. It tends to manifest when your mind is filled with one big idea after another and you fail to get beyond the initial planning stages. Perhaps you started a project or hobby thinking it would grow to great heights and instead failed to finish anything. As painful as this is, it is a good way to tell you that you should venture into other meaningful projects and avoid wasting time.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of Wands and their Esoteric significance.

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