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Minor Arcana Meaning

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what are Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana represent an essential part of the Tarot deck. Consisting of 56 cards, they are often overlooked in comparison to the Major Arcana, but in reality they offer a wealth of information and symbolism.

The Minor Arcana are composed of four suits: cups, swords, clubs and deniers. Each seed has its own numbering, ranging from Ace to Ten, and four court figures: knave, knight, queen and king.

Although the Minor Arcana do not have the same visual impact as the Major Arcana, the symbols represented in their cards are just as significant. Each card is an image capable of conveying messages and directions, which the Tarot reader can interpret and decode to provide a response to the consultant.

tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana
tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana

History of the Minor Arcana

The history of the Minor Arcana dates back to the 15th century, when the Tarot began to spread in Europe. However, their presence in Tarot decks has not been constant throughout history. Initially, in fact, Tarot decks consisted only of 22 cards, the Major Arcana, which represented the allegorical figures of the time, such as the Emperor, Justice, the Lover, etc.

Later, the Minor Arcana were added, with the division into four suits and numbering from one to ten, plus the court figures. The first version of the Minor Arcana was the Italian version, called the “Tarocchino,” which inspired the French and Spanish cards. Later, the Minor Arcana were also included in English Tarot decks.

Over time, the composition of the Minor Arcana underwent variations and adaptations, especially in the representation of court figures, which in some decks were replaced with different characters, such as angels, demons or animals.

Despite these changes, the Minor Arcana have remained a fundamental element of the Tarot, and their interpretation has become increasingly sophisticated and articulate, thanks to the continuous evolution of symbolism and knowledge of archetypes.

chapter 1

The Minor Arcana and the 4 Seeds

If you are someone who has difficulty managing your emotions, the Minor Arcana may help you better understand your feelings and find the best way to express them. The seed division of the Tarot will give you a comprehensive view of your emotions, helping you understand how to manage them and how to use them for your own good.

If you are seeking information for your emotional or work situation, the Minor Arcana may offer you valuable insights for making important decisions. For example, the cards of the suit of cups represent emotions and may suggest how to manage your romantic relationships. The cards of the denarius suit, on the other hand, represent money and material stability and can help you make decisions regarding your work situation.

In addition, the numbering of the Minor Arcana cards represents the evolutionary path of the human being, starting from the Ace, which represents creative potential and new energy, to the Ten, which represents fulfillment, completion and abundance. This numbering can help you understand your personal path and find the right way to achieve your goals.

In summary, the Minor Arcana are an excellent guide to understanding your emotions and decisions regarding your love and work life. Their well-organized structure will give you a comprehensive view of your situation, helping you make important decisions and improve your life in general.

The Minor Arcana are one of the two groups of cards that make up the Tarot, along with the Major Arcana. Their structure is critical to understanding the meaning of each card and the overall message of the deck.

The division into four suits represents four aspects of human life: emotions (cups), mind (swords), action (clubs) and money (deniers). Each seed has its own symbolism and meaning, which may vary depending on the deck and the reader’s interpretation.

The numbering from one to ten, on the other hand, represents the evolutionary path of the human being, starting from the Ace, which represents creative potential and new energy, to the Ten, which represents fulfillment, completion, and abundance.

Court figures represent specific people or situations, which can influence the meaning of the card in which they appear. The queen, for example, symbolizes female strength and leadership, while the king represents power and authority.

the seed of Cups

the seed of cups

Associated with the element of water, which recurs in the various representations, the Cups seed has highly variable interpretations and is often strongly linked to the subject of the reading, being among all the seeds the one symbolically closest to the personal sphere.
Connected with the emotional and sentimental sphere, it is symbolically related to love, relationships and the role of emotions in a person’s life, as well as to the concepts of creativity, romance and imagination.

ace of cups | twoo of cups | three of cups | Four of Cups | five of cups 
six of cups | seven of cups | eight of cups | nine of cups | ten of cups
court cards
page of cups | queen of cups | knight of cups | king of cups

The seed of pentacles

the suit of pentacles

The denarius seed is strongly associated with the physical sphere and material reality and at the same time is linked to the element of earth. Materialism strongly influences the interpretation of these cards, and among the suits it is considered to be the one least related to the person himself. Usually its cards are associated with abundance, generosity and balance, and the most popular colors are green, gold and brown. Another peculiarity of this suit is that a pentacle can often be observed on each coin. The sequence of cards seems to be intended to represent the gains that actions might bring us and the losses due to mistakes.

ace of pentacles | twoo of pentacles | three of pentacles | Four of pentacles | five of pentacles
six of pentacles | seven of pentacles | eight of pentacles | nine of pentacles | ten of pentacles
court cards
page of pentacles | queen of pentacles | knight of pentacles | king of pentacles

The seed of wands

the seed of wands

The suit of clubs is related to the element of fire and is often associated with energy, spirituality and creativity. These are cards whose interpretation is strongly linked to a person’s spirit, and to the personalities of the subjects of a reading. Symbolically, the staffs are depicted as wooden rods or stirrups, sometimes as actual tree twigs. Some scholars link the meaning of the seed of sticks to potentialities to be expressed.

ace of wands | twoo of wands | three of wands | Four of wands | five of wands
six of wands | seven of wands | eight of wands | nine of wands | ten of wands
court cards
page of wands | queen of wands | knight of wands | king of wands

the seed of swords

the seed of swords

According to many classical interpretations, the seed of swords is linked to challenges and difficulties that a subject will face, symbolically represented by the blade, usually double-edged. The air itself is paralleled with the mind since both, while not visible to the naked eye, deeply influence human life. Iconographically, sword arcana are usually depicted with images and details that recall the sky, clouds, and weather.

ace of swords | twoo of swords | three of swords | Four of swords | five of swords
six of swords | seven of swords | eight of swords | nine of swords | ten of swords
court cards
page of swords | queen of swords | knight of swords | king of swords

minor arcana tarot reading relaxing session with a cup of thea

chapter 2

esoteric meanings of the minor arcana

The Tarot is an ancient divinatory tool that has fascinated and guided countless souls on their personal and spiritual journeys. While the Major Arcana cards, like The Fool and The High Priestess, often steal the spotlight due to their profound archetypal significance, the Minor Arcana holds subtle, intricate keys to our everyday experiences. Venturing into their esoteric meanings provides us with deeper layers of understanding about our day-to-day lives.

Four Suits, Four Elements:

The Minor Arcana is categorized into four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each is associated with an element, revealing its inherent nature:

  • Cups: Water – Emotions, relationships, and spiritual connections.
  • Pentacles: Earth – Material world, finances, physical health, and abundance.
  • Swords: Air – Thoughts, words, actions, and conflicts.
  • Wands: Fire – Passion, creativity, ambition, and personal growth.

Diving Deeper: The Esoteric Symbols

1. Cups:
Emotion’s Mysterious Depth

From the Ace (new beginnings in love or intuition) to the Ten (emotional fulfillment or overwhelming feelings), the Cups guide us through the myriad emotions we encounter. For instance, the Two of Cups indicates mutual respect and a blossoming relationship, while the Eight of Cups signifies a spiritual journey or leaving behind what no longer serves us.

2. Pentacles:
Earthly Realms and Material Desires

Pentacles guide us through our material existence. The Four of Pentacles warns against miserliness, emphasizing the need to let go for growth, whereas the Six of Pentacles highlights generosity and the balance of giving and receiving.

3. Swords:
Double-Edged Realities of Mind and Communication

Swords can be a challenging suit, often pointing to conflicts, mental struggles, and decisions. The Three of Swords, often depicted as three swords piercing a heart, brings forth heartbreak or betrayal. Meanwhile, the Queen of Swords represents clarity, calmness, and truthful communication.

4. Wands:
Blazing Energy of Inspiration and Drive

From the raw potential of the Ace of Wands to the celebration and communal joy of the Ten of Wands, this suit motivates and propels us forward. The Seven of Wands encourages standing one’s ground, and the Knight speaks of energetic pursuits.

Numbers and Their Esoteric Significance:

The cards in each suit, from Ace to Ten, also hold numerological significance:

  • Ace: Beginnings, potential.
  • Two: Duality, balance, partnership.
  • Three: Growth, creativity.
  • Four: Stability, structure.
  • Five: Challenge, conflict.
  • Six: Harmony, collaboration.
  • Seven: Reflection, assessment.
  • Eight: Movement, change.
  • Nine: Fulfillment, nearing completion.
  • Ten: Completion, cycles.

While the Minor Arcana might be perceived as less “dramatic” than the Major, they encapsulate the events, feelings, and challenges we face every day. Their esoteric meanings provide a profound understanding, helping us navigate life with clarity and purpose. Embracing their messages not only deepens our Tarot readings but also enriches our connection to the universe’s ebb and flow.

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conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana and their Esoteric significance.

Online tarot can offer many benefits, including the convenience of being able to do a reading from your home, the ability to choose from a wide range of readers, and the flexibility to choose the type of reading you want. However, it is important to consider the ethics of online tarot readings and of finding a recommendable and professional reader.

If you are interested in exploring the world of tarot online, there are many resources available for you. You can find online tarot books and courses that can help you develop your tarot reading skills and deepen your understanding of the cards.

In conclusion, online tarot can offer many opportunities for personal growth and exploration of the future. However, it is important to be careful in choosing the right reader for you and to consider the ethics of online tarot readings. I encourage you to continue exploring the world of online tarot and to visit my website for more information about the tarot books and courses I offer.

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