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knight of Swords Description

What a state of mind we see this Knight in! The Knight of Swords card depicts a young man wearing his armor and riding a strong white horse in the middle of a battle. The white color of his horse is a reference to the general purity and intellectual energy that motivates this young knight. The sky behind him hosts storm clouds and trees tossed about by strong winds. The horse’s harness is also decorated with images of birds and butterflies. The rider’s coat is also decorated with the same birds.

chapter 1

knight of Swords Meaning

knight of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck
knight of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck

When we are obsessed with a certain idea and strongly desire to manifest it, we are often so blinded by the desire to achieve it that we do not notice the difficulties we might encounter, nor the actions and consequences it might entail. The Knight of Swords is a very powerful figure, full of life and energy. This must be balanced with a proper and effective realization of compassion and responsibility.

Once the Knight moves toward his goals, there is absolutely no way to stop him. He does not see or care about the challenges ahead.

Once the Knight sets out toward his goals, there is absolutely no way to stop him. He does not see or care about the challenges ahead of him. He is full of pure ambition, strength and determination to complete his mission, no matter what happens. However, this determination could also blind him to seeing the potential consequences of his actions on others as he makes his way toward success. He could launch himself into very dangerous territory without preparation or real foresight, and this could lead him into great danger.

knight of Swords Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

The reversed Knight of Swords suggests incredible impatience, impulsiveness, and a burst of energy. This Knight of Swords has a lot of energy but lacks any kind of direction, which often leads them to make rather rash decisions and drag other people down with them.

Their thoughts are often scattered without any organization or logic. They are most likely disorganized and unprepared for the things they want to accomplish. The meaning of the reversal of the Knight of Swords indicates that you still have many miles to go to gain the valuable life experience you need to overcome adversity along the way. This is something to consider.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of Swords and their Esoteric significance.

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