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suit of cups

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Suit of Cups Meaning

the Complete Guide

what are Cups in Tarot Reading

Associated with the element of water, which recurs in the various representations, the Cups seed has highly variable interpretations and is often strongly linked to the subject of the reading, being among all the seeds the one symbolically closest to the personal sphere.
Connected with the emotional and sentimental sphere, it is symbolically related to ‘love, relationships and the role of emotions in a person’s life, as well as to the concepts of creativity, romance and imagination.

tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana
tarot reading session with meaning of minor arcana
chapter 1

Meaning of Suit of Cups

The cup is a symbol of fertility, abundance and all that comes with it: joy, contentment, well-being; it is the vessel of life. The influence of the Water element on this seed, reinforces its symbolism and prophetic power. In analogy with the corresponding heart suit of playing cards, the cups refer to the world of feelings and emotions, they can also represent memories, memories, people from the past, they are also connected to artists and creative people , romantic and sentimental subjects , they signal pleasures , passions , humanitarian interests. Often, these cards shed light on inner situations, complicated by little love for oneself.The figures represented by the seed of cups, have heightened emotional characteristics, positively and negatively: They are connected to one’s emotional self, they draw energy from what they feel.

The Cups series exerts, from a general point of view, its influence on feelings, love and creativity. The influence of the Water element on the Cups reinforces their emblematic and prophetic power.

The Cups seed in the Tarot symbolizes woman, as it resembles the womb, the breast; in addition, it refers to the symbol of Water. Therefore, a predominance of the seed of cups symbolizes what was mentioned earlier.

This element is represented as a triangle with the tip pointing downward. The planet of water is the moon. It recalls life, purification, regeneration, fertility and fecundity.

Tendentially the seed cups is connected to the letters HEH (emanation of form energy); from the Hebrew divine name, to priests, artists, intellectuals. Cups symbolize rainy spring and, in astrological relations Moon, Venus and Neptune.

Cups cards describe family members, friends and lovers. If they come out backwards they refer to the inability to express one’s feelings and rejection of those closest to them.

minor arcana tarot reading relaxing session with a cup of thea

chapter 2

Meaning of the Cups Cards

Planets: Moon, Venus and Neptune

Zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

– Ace of Cups –
This card represents the Grail, the Sacred Cup from which Spiritual Regeneration comes. Symbolically, the cup with the lid are naturally the most significant elements: the actual cup represents the plane of matter and everyday reality, while the lid symbolizes the higher level, the plane of the sublime, which is identified with the transcendental dimension.

The Ace of Cups is directly associated with love, affection, abundance and fertility. It is a symbol of great protection, as it reveals that a powerful spiritual force is at work.

ace of cups

– Two of Cups –
In this card we see depicted two cups slightly smaller than the Ace, of equal size and perfectly symmetrical: because of their parallelism and arrangement, they possess considerable esoteric and divinatory power. The Two of Cups can represent an Encounter that takes place under the influence of love or friendship: it is symbolic of the duality of objects and, at the same time, of the common experiences of people. Sometimes this card is regarded as the symbol of rational thinking and lucidity; it symbolizes the transmutation of passions upward through wisdom.

2 of cups

– Three of Cups –
The number three is related to the eternal and unchanging cycle of nature: birth, maturity and death. The symbolism of this Minor Arcanum is especially related to completeness, perfection: it represents a time of feasting and celebration, a time when the joy of living is fully expressed. It is always a positive card: it expresses the solution of a problem, relief and fulfillment.

3 of cups

– Four of Cups –
This card is represented by four cups, the placement of which is perfectly symmetrical: the two cups placed in the upper part of the card, symbolize the balance of forces of the psychic plane, while the pair placed in the lower part, represents the balance of forces of the material plane. The number 4, a symbol of maturity and stability, in analogy with the figure of the square representing it, alludes to all that is solid and accomplished, but limited by its own rigidity. This harmonic perfection may be real, but sometimes only apparent: the human soul often feels the need for novelty, to find something that will bring back a real enthusiasm for life. In this sine the card may express dissatisfaction and a lack of disposition to truly appreciate what one has.

4 of cups

– Five of Cups –
The number 5, before the rules dictated by the numerology of the Pythagorean school, was considered deeply inauspicious. The card indicates a period when one must weigh every action carefully, because the new is not necessarily always positive. The consultant is at the center of a situation, of family discussions: his plans will be realized, but by overcoming difficult, often painful trials. Bitterness, regret, sadness are the main emotions expressed by the card. Disappointment often comes with bitterness, loss and dissatisfaction, are an essential condition for the fullness of fulfillment. In the emotional and occupational spheres, the consultant is seeking new forms of fulfillment: like the central cup in the figure, he or she must make a choice that nonetheless has viable alternatives.

5 of cups

– Six of Cups –
This card basically represents and symbolizes the pragmatic and concrete aspects of life; it always refers to the everyday, the small things, the details. Most fortune tellers, place the Six of Cups in relation to memory, whatever, person, event refers to this card, it belongs to the past. It is a neutral card, which has little effect on the surrounding except to determine the distant time location.

6 of cups

– Seven of Cups –
This is a very positive card, indicating a favorable conquest and conclusion, as 7 is the number of the complete cycle: it promises solutions and satisfaction in all fields, especially in the emotional one. In fact, the seven of Cups refers to the astral or psychic influences of Venus, the inspirer of art and love, of triumphant endeavors and creative ideas. It proves particularly active in the mental and emotional sphere, where it refers to art and imagination.

7 of cups

– Eight of Cups –
This Arcanum is very fluid, highly sensitive and easily affected by the presence of neighboring cards. Built on the static and dual symbolism of the number 8, it has a balance that is basically good, but which does not exclude, in the short term, the formation of a difficult situation. It can signal problems in the sexual sphere, especially when referring to a woman, but also frigidity or excessive modesty.

8 of cups

– Nine of Cups –
This card represents the tendency to live happily and harmoniously, while rejecting chaos and disorder. Affectively, it expresses a stable, long-lasting relationship between two people who do everything to make the relationship harmonious and constructive. The very arrangement of the cups, which appear to be grouped in three equal triads, are charged with emblematicity. Each of the cups found in the center of the triads represents the synthesis of the characteristics of the others: in fact, it is for this reason that the Nine of Cups card represents harmony and the unity of opposites. The side cups symbolize the changes affecting the life of the consultant, while the central cups indicate immobility and conformity, that is, opposition to any transformation.

9 of cups

– Ten of Cups –
It is considered a card representative of the successes and achievements that a person attains and attains throughout life. From the ‘union of an active,and usually positive, suit with an achievement number, comes a very strong arcana, very favorable if straight, but equally negative and destructive, if reversed. True success, this card teaches us, comes from creating lasting bonds with the people around us, sharing emotions and life experiences. It is an Arcanum that relates to family affections, relatives, acquaintances and friends in general. It also signals brilliance, excellent professional skills, satisfaction, luck, and success in business.

10 of cups

The Court Cards

– page of Cups –
The card depicts a slender young man, full of life and ideas for the future. One can sense at first glance that he is rich in imagination, creative and sensitive, able to listen with tact and sensitivity. His energy resides in his heart rather than in his head. On his head is a crown of roses and intertwined flowers, symbolizing the charm of life in its early days. This arcane can also refer to a loyal friend, a collaborator full of good will, even if novice and not invested with executive powers.

page of Cups 

– Knight of Cups –
He is the harbinger of good news, of a welcome surprise. The Horse, which appears in the foreground in its majesty, represents physical strength and, in a general sense, the favorable moment the consultant is going through along with the possibility of positive events. The real strength of this Horse consists in being in touch with his heart and feelings. The chart always reveals situations in motion, fluid and dynamic, but well directed and constructive.

knight of cups

– Queen of Cups –
This card represents Woman in her full symbolic meaning of Mother-Earth-Water-Fertility; the yin, the feminine, complementary to the masculine yang, the companion and consort of the King. She is a captivating, imaginative and resourceful woman, distinguished by her strength of character and self-confidence. The crown she graciously holds on her head symbolizes the influence of the universal on the particular, while the cup she holds in her hand represents the vastness of the world of the occult. Her mode of relating to the world and to others is through feelings. Her presence is enveloping: she is able to console, listen and heal the wounds of the heart. She is the most feminine of all the Queens. Among her gifts is the power to heal, which is manifested through her ability to absorb negative energies and then transform them. Sometimes the card also represents a seer or medium, able to receive messages from other dimensions.

queen of cups

– King of Cups –
In the card, the King of Cups is represented by a robust man with a shiny, groomed beard. The favorable seed of cups is linked to an equally benevolent character: a mature and accomplished individual emerges, stable in relationships and behavior. His great ability is to connect with and understand the human soul: his is a charisma that captivates and conquers. Sincere and honest, people easily confide in him; his compassion for others and devotion to the ideals he believes in ensure his great ability to mediate and harmonize various situations.

king of cups

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of Cups and their Esoteric significance.

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