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4 of Cups Description

The Four of Cups depicts a young man, sitting under a tree, away from everything and everyone, intent on what appears to be meditation. In fact, he is so absorbed, in deep contemplation, that he does not seem to notice the cup given to him by an outstretched arm. Three other cups at his feet, symbolize the world and its attractions, but again, he pays little attention to what is before him. The meaning then that this card indicates, is to look deep within our Self, to discover the answers we seek. Outside influences can be distracting, and will not be able to lead us to the goal we seek, even though such influences may be spiritual in nature.
This young man and his situation, suggest the story of the Buddha under the Bodhi tree, as he contemplated the state of the Universe, reluctant to leave until he reached Truth. He (or he) does not accept the cup; in fact, he seems to pay no attention to it. He misses this gift of love and opportunity because he is completely absorbed in his own thoughts.

The card represents a person who lacks nothing materially, but is nevertheless dissatisfied.

Things that once provided pleasure now seem empty, irrelevant. There is a need for novelty, to find something that will bring back a real enthusiasm for life.

The individual is not sick, but neither is he truly happy. He is becoming content, and perhaps he will sit with his head bowed.

On the one hand, the person cannot truly appreciate what he has; on the other hand, he also cannot find the courage to take action and change his life.

The Four of Cups shows a young man sitting under a tree on top of a mountain, away from others. He appears to be in contemplation and meditation. In front of him are three cups lying on the grass while another cup is offered to him by a hand in the air. The man has crossed his hand and legs, and is looking down at the three cups, unimpressed, so that he cannot see the cup being presented to him by the outstretched arm.

The Four of Cups represents our tendency to take for granted the things we have, making it difficult for us to see the treasures the universe presents to us. We tend to have the answers to our problems right around us, but we tend to focus too much on what we do not have.

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4 of cups Meaning

4 of cups rider waite tarot card
4 of cups rider waite tarot card

The Four of Cups often appears, when one is bored or dissatisfied, with the state one is in. One may be, apathetic or unmotivated. Life has become stale and ‘flat,’ and there is no impetus to continue. To remedy this, the Four of Cups suggests, the need to reevaluate one’s situation, and to look deep within oneself, to find new understanding and meaning. Shifting one’s attention within oneself, to find the truth one is seeking, avoiding distractions.
Similarly, the Four of Cups signifies disappointment with someone or a situation. One may be growing weary, of the struggle that has been carried on too long in the past, with the consequence, of withdrawing into oneself to find peace and tranquility. If one is becoming particularly negative toward a situation, the Four of Cups is a call to action; it is time to wake up, pay attention and be open to new experiences, offering us a more positive outcome.

The Four of Cups can sometimes also indicate a defensive state. This can be seen in the body language displayed on the Card. The young man has his arms and legs crossed symbolizing closure to an ‘opportunity. He chooses to ignore the possibility of what the cup has to offer. Perhaps he has been hurt emotionally before, as this is the seed of Cups symbol of emotionality, and he is afraid to expose himself again; as a result, he is closing himself off to this opportunity.

Think about what opportunities you are ignoring or waning, and ask yourself if this is because you truly believe that you will not benefit from them, or if it is because you are afraid of what may follow. Be aware of your every defensive reaction or attitude.

At worst, the Four of Cups represents a stubborn, ungrateful and self-centered person.
Whether you are locked in your own world, depressed, selfish, afraid to open up or licking your wounds after a disappointment, isolation is self-imposed. You may be interested only in your own troubles and problems, neglecting the needs of others. Be aware that the detachment created is becoming a problem. Remember, there is always a chance for you to reconnect with the world around you. Look at that cup….comes offered to you!

Often the Four of Cups can indicate that an opportunity has been presented to us, but we are putting off any choice or evaluation; we are momentarily leaving the matter in abeyance until we have a clearer idea.

Although the man depicted in the Four of Cups did not accept the offer presented to him, he did not reject it either. The cup remains there, and the decision to accept or reject can be made at any time.
For now, however, it is time only for contemplation, research and meditation. When all the answers are there, and you feel emotionally ready, then you can make a decision, unhurriedly, not feeling you can make an immediate choice.

The Four of Cups is a reminder not to take life for granted. In Numerology, the four means that you have established a solid foundation and a strong sense of stability and security. However, sometimes this can play to your disadvantage, as we feel so, safe and secure that we take everything for granted. Therefore, when the Four of Cups appears in the Stese, it should be taken as a warning to be cautious. It carries with it the message that there is a lot of love in one’s life, but if we do not nurture and appreciate this feeling, it can also end. Most of the time, people, do not realize how much and what good they have in their lives. They are too worried about wanting more that they fail to see how much they already have. So many are the disappointments in people’s lives that they want more and more while they already have everything they need. The key to overcoming this disappointment is simply to see all the good in one’s life and be grateful for it.

four of cups Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

The upside-down Four of Cups suggests that there is a good chance of success in developed enterprises, but one must work hard to get to the goal. One can also be too focused on one’s own problems and miss opportunities, or be unaware that such a possibility exists. So the Arcanum advises keeping one’s eyes and heart open to new avenues, and turning one’s attention away from oneself to allow new opportunities to present themselves.

The upside-down Four of Cups also reflects a time when you may be reluctant to open your heart to someone or to express your true feelings, resulting in withdrawal and isolation from the other person. Be aware of the effect your attitudes may have on others and consider their needs as much as your own.

On a more positive note, you are going through a period of stagnation, boredom or apathy; you will feel restless, but with a desire to break free from this negative state. Put aside negative thoughts or misbehavior. Seize the opportunities that come your way. Reconnect with others and let them know how much you appreciate them.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of cups and their Esoteric significance.

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