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8 of Cups Description

In the Eight of Cups we are confronted with the moment of transition. We see a cloaked figure departing for a barren land, leaving behind eight cups of gold. He is tired of those cups that he has spent so much time collecting and now sets out in search of a higher purpose. It may be the result of boredom or unhappiness that comes from realizing that what one has sought in life is not as enjoyable or satisfying as one once thought.

The person embarking on this journey could also mean that he or she seeks excitement in the unknown. The barren, mountainous lands to which they are heading may also be symbolic of new challenges ahead. Their absolute emptiness seems to indicate that they are waiting for someone to come and shape them. The journey being taken may be done with the intent to try new things that have the potential to help a person grow both mentally and spiritually.

It also shows a willingness to break away from others to work on self-improvement, self-understanding and growth.

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8 of cups Meaning

8 of cups rider waite tarot card
8 of cups rider waite tarot card

The Eight of Cups indicates the time of change or transition, through moving away from something. Just as a caterpillar must die before transforming into a beautiful butterfly, we all need to transform in our lives from time to time. This is especially the case for those who are tired of living day to day and embark on a journey that will help them better understand life in general.

The vertical side of this card indicates that you are dissatisfied with your life and need to experience a higher purpose in life. You may have been exploring your options, moving from one choice to another, tasting the wine in each glass, to understand what you really want from your life. You are now experiencing a feeling of weariness and realizing that you need to move away from what you are familiar with. It is a choice and a recognition that true happiness is not found in what you have already created.

eight of cups Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

The reversed Eight of Cups may indicate that you are in a state of confusion about which path to follow. The confusion usually comes from not knowing what is best for you, and eventually the resulting effect is to drift in a sea of uncertainty.

You are likely to find yourself aimless and without clear goals in your life. And in the end you almost always end up following the waves of life.

On the other hand, you may be aware of what you need to do. There is something in your life that has long since stopped bringing you joy or pleasure, and although your soul’s desire is to fly away, you find yourself staying. The thought of leaving the security of what you have built fills you with fear: you are afraid both of change and of losing something that has given you great comfort.

Most people find themselves in limbo because they are stuck between two major decisions. For example, you may want to change and work on yourself to improve, but at the same time you are unable to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve the goal. We must have courage, believe that we deserve better, that there are even more joyful things awaiting us if we embark on this journey.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of cups and their Esoteric significance.

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