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8 of Wands Description

The Eight of Wands is represented as eight flying sticks that appear to be suspended in the air. Some may see them as wands that are blossoming and traveling at top speed. The background in which they are traveling is a clear sky representing that there is probably nothing to hinder their arrival at their destination. The image shows a majestic landscape with a flowing river and water brings the image to life. The wands also appear to be about to land, indicating the end of a long journey.

chapter 1

8 of Wands Meaning

8 of wands from raider waite tarot cards deck
8 of wands from raider waite tarot cards deck

The image represented by the Eight of Wands means that the difficulties brought by the Seven of Wands are finally overcome. It signifies a strong energy level indicating that several aspects of your life will be at the forefront. Perhaps important news will come your way and you may experience sudden but steady positive growth. The meaning of the Eight of Wands may also relate to your work. It is possible that the decision you have been waiting for will come soon. You must be patient and wait.

Perhaps important news will come to you and you may experience sudden but steady positive growth.

Regarding love, the meaning of the eight of clubs refers to your willingness to commit to a relationship; however, the card advises you not to force the other party to be ready for commitment. Your counterpart will soon be ready – forcing things could negatively affect the outcome. Regarding finances, it seems that this is not the best time to make hasty investments. Just as with the love aspect, you are advised to be patient. Save your money and wait for the perfect time to invest. All the things you have been fighting for are gaining momentum. Where you have not seen progress before, you will soon discover that they have paved the way for the next wave of action.

8 of Wands Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

Just like the ascending Eight of Wands, the inverted Eight of Wands is generally associated with patience. It is possible that you are feeling frustrated about something. You may now see that what you set in motion previously has created the obstacles you are now discovering. It is time to realize that you cannot change the past. You must forgive yourself and adjust your strategy.

As for work, there may be a disagreement in the office. You must resolve it quickly to avoid derailing an important issue. Breathe, reflect and try to relax. Be patient and believe that everything will be fine. The meaning of the Reverse Eight of Wands in love may relate to possible jealousy. The jealousy you feel at this time has no basis and will only undermine your good relationship with your partner. Regarding the aspect of health and spirituality, you need to improve concentration, cooperation and determination. The energy of the card will dissipate if you lose concentration.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of Wands and their Esoteric significance.

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