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10 of Swords Description

Another of the most striking and ominous cards in the deck, the Ten of Swords shows a man lying on the ground with his face to the earth. He is covered with a red cloth from his chest down to his legs. Ten long swords are embedded in his back, perhaps not expecting this end. There is a terrible stillness in the air: the sky above him is black and cloudy, indicating the fear and negativity associated with death. The waters in front of him are still, without any ripples, which makes the stillness and finality of this chart even more eerie. Looking at the horizon, to the east, the sun is rising and the weather seems very calm despite the darkness. The Ten of Swords seems to indicate that this is the lowest point in one’s life and that it cannot get any worse. At least, even in this state, the sun is rising.

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10 of Swords Meaning

10 of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck
10 of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck

The Ten of Swords indicates a great disaster of some kind. It indicates that some force of extreme magnitude has come to strike you in your life-a force you may not have anticipated. A sense of betrayal is indicated, as the character is stabbed in the back. This seems to be a reminder that despite our best efforts, we cannot control everything – there are things beyond our ability to change. In this case, the situation is unavoidable.

The tale of the seed of swords is a powerful metaphor that ends in tragedy. Swords are a symbol of intellect, intelligence and logic, yet the final culmination of this seed is a complete and total defeat of the spirit. We must realize that swords are a weapon that can have immense potential for destruction or good. The story that unfolds from ace to ten is that of an untrained individual who uses this weapon for the wrong reasons, makes many mistakes and then spends an entire lifetime trying to escape the power he has abused.

The story unfolding from ace to ten is that of an untrained individual who uses this weapon for the wrong reasons, makes many mistakes, and then spends an entire life trying to escape from the power he has abused.

This person believes that the swords are external to him, while they are part of him, and when they inevitably return, he suffers once again. His pain is usually not the pain of circumstances, but the pain of fear, anxiety, and the inability to be master of his surroundings. After the despair of the nine of swords, what could have happened? Were you overwhelmed by the pressure? Or did you take the final sword upon you and admit defeat?

The Ten of Swords depicts that situation where your mindset is “woe is me,” you feel you can do nothing. Pause and remember that, as with the death card, the end of something means a new beginning. Let go of what you have lost and focus on the new path, because that is where your life must go. A good example is a breakup with a partner: although it could be very painful, it could also be the beginning of a new sense of independence.

10 of Swords Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

When we see any version of the Ten of Swords, the feelings are strong. Whether upside down or upright, the card signals the finality of defeat. There is no way to avoid this tragedy: it occurred over the course of a long series of events that went on for a long time.

With the reversal, however, also comes the recognition that one has hit rock bottom, that there is nothing left to give. With this also comes the realization that things can only get better and that the cycle can begin again. But as in the case of the eight and nine of swords, this liberation must be initiated by you. You are presented with the opportunity to correct what has hurt you, but you must make the effort to get out of it yourself. What has happened is terrible, but everyone has a share of responsibility.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of Swords and their Esoteric significance.

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