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page of Swords Description

The Page of Swords card is representative of a person in life who displays an abundance of energy. With windswept trees, turbulent clouds and tousled hair, a young woman stands proudly on a rocky precipice. This energetic youth has a sword in her hand. Her expression is one of determination and perhaps even a bit of defiance: she seems ready to strike at the slightest word.

chapter 1

page of Swords Meaning

page of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck
page of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck

Brilliant and observant, the Page of Swords is a person who never seems to run out of ideas. She is curious, always asking questions, and has a sharp tongue and quick wit to match. Her aptitude for language also makes her an incredible communicator, and because of her love of ideas, you will always find her engaged in some passionate debate.

Her aptitude for language also makes her an incredible communicator, and with her love of ideas, you can always find her engaged in some passionate debate.

She seems to thrive on a kind of nervous energy, as if there is too much to say inside her, the wheels of her head always turning. As a bringer of news, she may bring news that is represented by her dress-especially, gossip, legal matters, settlements. Alternatively, you may find yourself having to use her energy: be alert, keep your eyes open and remain vigilant.

This card may indicate that you are very anxious to implement an idea you have had or a project you have recently prepared. You are very passionate and look forward to sharing progress with others. With respect to your passionate heart, time seems to stand still. Now is the time to be talkative. When a Page of Swords appears in a reading, it signifies communication and sharing of ideas. Whether it is someone else’s ideas or your own, it is time to open up and talk about them, as long as it is constructive.

page of Swords Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

When the Page of Swords is reversed, all her negative characteristics emerge and she can become almost dangerous. Being endowed with a sharp and alert mind, she can use it to deceive and manipulate. The sword she wields can be used to create pain, her natural gift for language turned into a weapon. She may lack the understanding or maturity to understand the suffering she causes, feeling the excitement that comes when she lashes out. On the other hand, this page could be a person of empty words or promises, who while loving to talk, does not talk about concrete things. Be careful about showing strength and action behind your words, because you may damage your reputation.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of Swords and their Esoteric significance.

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