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9 of Swords Description

The Nine of Swords depicts a woman sitting on her bed holding her head in her hands. The woman looks as if she has just woken up from a bad nightmare. She looks troubled, anxious, and afraid. Nine swords hang on the wall, and in the bed is an engraving depicting one person defeated by another. The quilt has been decorated with various astrological symbols and roses. Here we see the same woman we saw earlier in the Eight of Swords-and perhaps she has been finally freed, but haunted by nightmares of the suffering she endured while abandoned and forsaken.

chapter 1

9 of Swords Meaning

9 of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck
9 of swords from rider waite tarot cards deck

The Nine of Swords is often associated with fear and anxiety, all the things that worry you and keep you awake at night. Sometimes this card can be associated with trauma, which you may be ashamed to talk about with others, and all the psychological responses that come from having experienced that trauma.

Sometimes this card can be associated with trauma, which we may be ashamed to talk about with others.

When we cannot free ourselves from the entrapment depicted in the Eight of Swords, we are aggravated in the Nine of Swords, where we are haunted by nightmares. The Seed of Swords is about the mind, logic, intelligence and communication, but somehow the Nine of Swords has been captured by the destructive part of the mind, the part that folds in on itself, multiplies and ignites. Questions haunt you and you find yourself reciting all the possibilities, all the things that could happen. You are haunted by what could be.

There is a sense of repetition in this card, as if an event that has troubled you before, and which you have managed to repress or escape, is coming back again. Sharing your pain at least allows you to vent and not carry this burden alone. Is there someone you feel comfortable talking to?

Sharing your grief at least offers an outlet for your pain and can free you from carrying this burden alone.

In cases where it is less about trauma and more about general anxiety, analyze yourself and think about whether this is a feeling you have under control or whether there are other factors contributing to your anxiety. Focus on the things you can control and learn to ask for help.

9 of Swords Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning

Encountering the inverted Nine of Swords still signals something like the vertical version: you may be terrified of nightmares, anxiety and stress. Some past traumas are reoccurring, and the pain of unresolved issues is weighing you down.

But here we also see hope; at least there is a desire to get out of this nightmare. You must understand that this suffering will not cease until you commit yourselves to leaving it behind. There is much work to be done to drag yourself toward liberation. But just as you have a way out, you must understand that you can still fall deeper into despair. Your task is to avoid this outcome: if you push forward, you may find yourself out, but if you do not, you may find yourself sinking even deeper.

conclusion - minor arcana Meaning

In this article we explored the world of the Minor Arcana suit of Swords and their Esoteric significance.

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